Which Needle?

The Oxford needle is made by rug hooking expert Amy Oxford in Vermont, USA.  The quality is extremely good and will last a lifetime. It’s made from maple wood and super comfortable to hold making bigger projects such as cushions more achievable. It threads very easily too so changing yarn colours is much easier. It is more expensive but a great investment. We stock the size 10 & 14 needles. The size 10 punches with chunky to super chunky yarn and you can double up finer yarn too. You don't necessarily have to create a project with rug yarn, you can use any type of yarn but we'd recommend rug yarn for projects which will take more wear such as a rug! It punches a quarter of an inch loop. The size 14 needle punches with finer yarn only such as Aran weight, it's a great needle if you would like to create a design with lots more detail. You could also combine a project working with both needles.

The adjustable needle adjusts to give 7 different loop heights. It’s made from recycled plastic. It comes with a threader to thread the yarn into the needle. The handle isn’t as big so not as good comfort wise for bigger projects such as cushions . It punches with both fine and up-to super chunky yarn. It is a lovely little needle and a great starter tool.

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Oxford Punch Needle              Adjustable Needle